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Best Instagram account

Instagram, almost everyone knows this social network, but do you know what the best, most popular, most visited Instagram account is? Finding out the most popular accounts on Instagram is relatively easy, unless you want to do it for a specific country. For example, there is Socialblade and their Top 100 Instagram Users by Followers ranking (where you can also look by number of followers and by number of photos uploaded). This "relatively" means that, unfortunately, you simply have to rely on the fact that they really have a complete list, i.e. that they are not missing any accounts.

The best Instagram account in the world

Actually, there is nothing so surprising about the top twenty. There are all the usual celebrities who top the charts for both Twitter and Facebook. If you were looking for other companies, just behind the top twenty is victoriasseecret ) and in the top thirty there are also such interesting things as 9gag and both football clubs, which are also strong on Facebook and Twitter, i.e. fcbarcelona and realmadrid.

Best Instagram

What is it like in your country? Vote, comment or add your account. Everyone in the world can vote. Let the whole world know about you.


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