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On December 31 at 23:59 the voting is closed
January 15 awards ceremony, announcement.

This site was created to gauge public opinion on who the internet thinks is the best in a given country. No jury, no interference, just the people's opinion on who has the biggest, most loyal fan base.
You can vote once for each candidate in each category, once every 24 hours. You can add a comment after you click. Clicking is monitored by IP address. The winner according to votes is just the one who is 1st in the ranking. The order of the candidates is from most votes, to least votes.
The contest is without jury, no limitations. Some results may seem strange, but it is possible! For example, if the person in question has a large fan base and shares the link on their FB. This can make it exceptionally more about who has more fans in the country, and who knows about the contest.  We don't influence the contest, we don't favor anyone! Thanks for your understanding. Please vote fairly!
Terms and conditions for contestants
    - Contestants must be from the country - have citizenship, or at least one parent must have citizenship of that country.
    - A candidate can be in more than one category, but only if he/she is truly prominent and active in the industry (This applies especially to the categories singer, actress, etc.).
    - Max 20 photos added by one artist
We reserve the right to change categories for contestants more suited to a category, but not to touch points, for the sake of the relevance of the overall contest, for example when there is a conflict of a lot of dissenting votes with the person or person in question in a certain category, which may damage the credibility of the whole contest.


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