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The most beautiful, interesting, non-shocking photos and many more adjectives could be used. There are several contests for the BEST photo, including ours. The photos are definitely worth it. Photos are like paintings, it is about capturing a moment that says something and leaves something in you, some feeling.

The best photo of the year

Choose and vote for a photo that deserves it. What to evaluate? When choosing, decide according to the creativity and originality of the photo. You know it when you press the camera button at the right moment and enjoy the excitement and joy that you managed to capture it like that. What is important is the comprehensive visual statement of the photograph at the given moment, its elegance and aesthetic manner. Black and white photography is becoming more and more popular. The simplicity of black and white has an interesting ability to separate the individual elements of the photo and direct the viewer's gaze to where the author of the photo intended.

TOP photos

Add your best photo too. You might be pleasantly surprised how many people will vote for your photo and you might even win this contest. Just don't worry. Add, send to friends and then just wait and hope they vote for her. Proof for you that the photo was successful, or vice versa that it is not liked. Try it, you won't pay anything for it. Enjoy the photos of the other contests, vote where they deserve it and enjoy. That's what our competition is all about.



11 months ago
How iphone on the foco?
What is the iPhone is the best for the fo -foams? - iPhonelab.cz
One of the best models of the iPhone Pro FOCENIE is the iPhone 13 Pro. This model of the morsa bury the main cameras, Coz allows you to capture great photos with high quality image quality.
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