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Best Music Group

What is the best band in our country? What is the worst band in the world? What is the best rock, pop, metal band in the world? It is not easy to answer these questions, but there are many similar polls that will answer you, including ours. Everyone in their heart likes different music and therefore the best music group or singer is different for them. Everyone is different, and ask yourself which musical supine is the best for you?

The best music group in the world

Unfortunately, in music, unlike sports, it is not possible to simply determine which performer is the best in the world. For orientation, you could perhaps use the various prices that are announced in the world. The prestigious awards include, for example, the Grammy awards, which are awarded in 110 categories within 31 areas (pop, gospel, classical, etc.). They are also awarded, for example, the World Music Award for the best-selling albums of the previous year, the MTV Video Music Awards or the International Music Awards. Various music magazines also have their awards, for example Q Magazine announces the Q Awards.

The best band in your country

Our poll where the whole world can vote is focused on the best band in your country. You, anyone in the world, can vote up. If your interpreter is missing here, add it. If you have a comment on your mind, add it. You can already see the current state of voting. Have fun.

Top selling music groups in the world?
  • The Beatles - over 600 million sales
  • Led Zeppelin - around 300 million sales
  • Pink Floyd - over 250 million sales


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