The funniest video

Sometimes, when I'm in a bad mood, a funny video will help me to make me laugh. It helps, try it too! The funniest falls are the ones no one expects. Funny FAILS are full of falls, mouths and all sorts of kinks that don't always turn out well. Fail Videos, Best Fails, Funny TikTok Videos! Best FAILY Fail Videos, Falls, Holds - Funny TikTok Videos, etc. Funny video with fatties? Being different is not always an advantage, especially when you are bigger than the generally accepted standard. Sometimes it happens that great people encounter some unpleasant situation. Embarrassing for them, but quite amusing for the surroundings. Well, let's all face it, there's nothing wrong with having fun. Even fat people laugh at these videos.

The funniest video in the world

Thanks to YouTube, Google has access to a huge amount of videos. Therefore, the programmers from Google asked themselves whether it is possible to write an algorithm that would determine the funnyness of a video. They actually succeeded, and thanks to it, they also determined the funniest video on YouTube. But how can a machine understand such an abstract and subjective concept as humor? Of course, the algorithm does not understand the content of the video, but it goes through the comments under the video, in which it looks for signs indicating that the author of the comment is amused by the video. But how can a machine understand such an abstract and subjective concept as humor? Of course, the algorithm does not understand the content of the video, but it goes through the comments under the video, in which it looks for signs indicating that the author of the comment is amused by the video. But it didn't work, the funniest video was actually embarrassing when a person jumped into a fan. The jury is better when people here vote, and not machines. See the results above for the funniest video.



The best video

What is the best video in your country? From a creator in your country? Yes, not in the world, but in your country. Maybe it's your video? Try it and sign it up. Best video, please choose the best one that you liked this year, that you just did, regardless of genre, topic and content. The only condition is that it must be a real video made by an author who comes from this country. The best video of the year, there can only be one, so on purpose, which will win in the end!

TOP 10 video

Slowly but surely, video is displacing text from the internet scene. How? Today, around 1.5 billion people around the world log on to YouTube every day, where they spend an average of 1 hour watching videos. According to a survey by CISCO, by 2021, 82% of Internet traffic will be provided by video format. With NOT by text. Do you still think that videos do not have their place in the field of online promotion in the 21st century? Don't underestimate video production. And with us you can vote and the best video in your country. Vote, add youtube videos and comment. Have a fun.



Please vote for the best, most beautiful, cutest animal. Vote, but you can also add an animal to the competition, or even yours, your pet. Yes, just like a child for a mother, an animal for its owner is usually the best, the cutest, that is, if it is a pet and not an animal for use and meat.

The most amazing animals

Vote for the most beautiful animal and we'll see which is truly the most beautiful this year and who will be the winner. It's hard, I won't dare to guess. All animals living on Earth are beautiful and somehow interesting and magical. The diversity of our planet is essentially infinite. We can meet different species, sizes, shapes, characteristics, colors in animals, etc. Animals are fascinating beings, what would we be without them? And it's a shame that we eat some of them, but nature wanted it that way. Animals complement our life, emotions, feelings, some of them we like so much that we keep them as pets, including pigs, sheep, goats.

The most beautiful animals

In nowadays, when there are many bad qualities. Betrayals, lies, envy, selfishness, stupidity, etc. it is beautiful to have an animal at home, a pet that is devoted to you, shows love and will never betray you and is always there for you. It's a growing trend and many people prefer animals to other people. It's good that thanks to this, animals started to have more rights, that they are no longer just things and that even people who didn't treat them well can go to jail for it. Yes, animals deserve it.

Vote for the BEST animal. You will surely find many of them here.



The best tourist place

Every country has its best tourist places. Some countries have the best, most beautiful, most visited in the world! Tourist places can be anything, building - lookout tower, bridge, dam, parts of towns, villages and magical natural formations, mountains, rocks, lakes, reservations, etc. But tourist places can be a whole country where it is warm, nice and sea. Every country boasts, boasts and earns them properly, thanks to tourist interest and noise. Therefore, you also vote, what do you think are the best tourist places in your country. If any is missing, please add it. The whole world may vote, so you may be surprised what is a top 1 tourist place in your country. , for example, associated with a unique experience or dream there. But some places on our globe are a real paradise. Some people prefer mountain massifs, others wild or sea beaches. There are plenty of breaths of taking places where crowds of tourists flow. And then there are those that remain relatively unknown.

The most beautiful places in the world

Sea, islands, cities, natural beauty and buildings - nothing is immortal. Even the most beautiful places in the world may not be with us forever. Global warming, increasing sea level, polluted environment, deforestation, human recklessness and time, all these are factors, resulting in some of the most beautiful places in the world. So be inspired and hooray look at the best tourist places.



Best village

vote for the best village, village village. Everyone can win, just if as many people can vote for her. And if he stays in leading positions all year, more people will be interested in the village and there will certainly be more tourism. So there are benefits. I personally, and we are also a small village, would please me if she won. So far he is among the last, so we will see.

Best villages

The best village should be the one where the people are most satisfied. Where do they have the highest quality life? Qualities could be based on 29 criteria showing the level of health, the environment, the availability of health care, optimal material conditions (work, housing and education), sufficiency of services and also relationships between people (for example in the form of local associations and the like).

The best place to live

The aim of our project - the competition is to encourage the inhabitants of the countryside to actively participate in the development of their home, to publish diversity and variety of implementing programs of renovation of villages and to draw the general public to the importance of the countryside. In addition, the inhabitants of the village, the village should be proud that their villages are among the competitors and that they may even win. But it seems that most people in the villages do not care. People = e z & nbsp; cities vote more and try to make their city won.



Best city

vote for the best city in your country. Yes, not in the world, but in your country. Mostly, the capital of the country wins, but sometimes and increasingly happens that the capital is not in the first place and is preliminated by a smaller city. And sometimes even the capital fails and the people vote for an unknown, small town, but it is beautiful and people are satisfied in it. Vote at your discretion and on purpose as it will turn out.

The best city in the world

and how is it with the best city in the world? Internations, which brings together the largest community of expats, has just released its annual Expat City Ranking, ranking of the best and worst places for life.

This year's list came first in the Valencia Spanish, which makes it the best place to live in the world.

20 best places life:

  • Valencia, Spain
  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Mexico, Mexico
  • Lisbon, Portugal
  • Madrid, Spain
  • Bangkok, Thailand
  • Basel, Switzerland
  • Melbourne, Australia
  • Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
  • Singapur
  • tallinn, Estonia
  • Miami, United States of American
  • Sydney, Australia
  • Barcelona, Spain
  • Nairobi, Kenya
  • New York, United States of American
  • Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Lausanne, Switzerland
  • Toronto, Canada
  • Zurich, Switzerland

Is there a list and your city? No, so try to change it.



Best Music Group

What is the best band in our country? What is the worst band in the world? What is the best rock, pop, metal band in the world? It is not easy to answer these questions, but there are many similar polls that will answer you, including ours. Everyone in their heart likes different music and therefore the best music group or singer is different for them. Everyone is different, and ask yourself which musical supine is the best for you?

The best music group in the world

Unfortunately, in music, unlike sports, it is not possible to simply determine which performer is the best in the world. For orientation, you could perhaps use the various prices that are announced in the world. The prestigious awards include, for example, the Grammy awards, which are awarded in 110 categories within 31 areas (pop, gospel, classical, etc.). They are also awarded, for example, the World Music Award for the best-selling albums of the previous year, the MTV Video Music Awards or the International Music Awards. Various music magazines also have their awards, for example Q Magazine announces the Q Awards.

The best band in your country

Our poll where the whole world can vote is focused on the best band in your country. You, anyone in the world, can vote up. If your interpreter is missing here, add it. If you have a comment on your mind, add it. You can already see the current state of voting. Have fun.

Top selling music groups in the world?
  • The Beatles - over 600 million sales
  • Led Zeppelin - around 300 million sales
  • Pink Floyd - over 250 million sales



Best female singer in your country? It's not a simple question. Maybe the best singer in the world would be easier, but our poll in this category is the female singer in your country. If you know which one it is, vote for her. Or it's missing here, please add it.

The best female singer in the world?

Popular server Ranker asked fans on social networks: Which female singer in the world has the best voice? About 1.5 million users participated in the survey and the results were quite close. Which singer did the fans choose in the end? Can you guess?

The survey went like this:
    10th Place: Tina Turner
    9th Place: Karen Carpenter
    8th place: Christina Aguilera
    7th place: Ella Fitzgerald
    6th place: Barbra Streisand
    5th place: Adele
    4th place: Mariah Carey
    3rd place: Céline Dion
    2nd Place: Aretha Franklin
    1st place: Whitney Houston

Yes, the singer Whitney Houston certainly deservedly won the poll! Although she died of an overdose in 2012, the singer is still one of the most recognized artists of all time. Her hit I Will Always Love You never gets old.

Best female singer

And how will the survey turn out for us? You can already see the ranking, but the end of the competition is at the end of the year. Anyway, if you look at history, you will find out who would be the winner last year. Vote and support the best singers too, they will surely be pleased. Have fun.



Almost everyone likes music, even people without a musical ear. Playing a nice song will please almost everyone. Everyone has their favorite bands, performers, style of music, but what is your favorite male singer? Do you have someone who is number 1 for you? That's what our survey here is about. And if he is among them, support him and give him a vote. And if it's not there, please add it.

The best singer in the world

According to a poll by MusicRadar.com, the best singer in the world is Axl Rose, the frontman of the iconic rock group Guns N' Roses. He also beat Freddie Mercury, the famous singer of Queen, who ended up with silver. In order for a singer to be placed, he had to be the lead vocalist of the formation. He was not allowed to be exclusively a soloist with a backing band. For this reason, for example, Bruce Springsteen or Jimi Hendrix were not placed. Bruce Dickinson, the leader of Iron Maiden, and James Hetfield, the frontman of Metallica, succeeded in the fight for the best positions. They even got in front of Mick Jagger. But there are many of these polls, including ours, which is voted on by people from all over the world, and maybe you will vote too?

Best Male Vocalist

Male Vocals – A male voice is different from a female singer's voice. That's why we have a male singer category separate from the female singer category. An interesting thing about the voices is that men produce lower voices than women: this is due to the effect of testosterone during puberty, which lengthens the male vocal cords and thus lowers the frequency and the voice becomes deeper. That is why the male singer category and the female singer category are special. Because of the difference in their voices.

Have fun and vote for someone who deserves it.


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