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The greatest hero

Every country has its heroes. Hero or heroine comes from the Greek ἣρως. A hero, according to Wikipedia, usually has superhuman abilities or idealized character traits that allow him to behave in an unusual way and perform significant deeds ("heroic deeds") that make him famous and famous. But as we know, heroes are viewed differently in some countries. According to the sociological encyclopedia, a hero is an individual who has performed significant and courageous actions, usually at the risk of his own life, therefore he is presented as a model of behavior. According to another opinion, a hero must be brave, courageous or valiant. In short and simply, the term fear is definitely not in his vocabulary. A simple hero is a person who behaved heroically. Heroism can be viewed as exceptional behavior that occurs voluntarily and for the benefit of other people, carries significant risk, involves sacrifice, and is performed without expectation of personal gain. Or another point of view, the classic hero is an everyday person with an extraordinary quality or ability that they may not be aware of. So perhaps you already have a deeper idea of who is a hero, or even a superhero, and maybe you are one too? A hero doesn't have to, he could fly, have red rubber boots and shoot lightning from his eyes.

The greatest heroes

So every country has its heroes, classic sociological, animated, film and other heroes. Small and large, modest, known or unknown, etc. We think that every country should know its heroes and that's why we created taro sections on our portal, categories where you can vote for your heroes, add them, or comment. He will not interfere here, but we believe that there will be real heroes and that the most people will vote for them as well. Regardless of whether they are alive or dead. A dead hero, as it was said in one movie (Robocop), is more than a living hero.


As it was already said, written above, one of the qualities of a hero is modesty, that is, he does not present his heroic act or actions anywhere, he did not do them in order to be presented, on the contrary, he modestly says that everyone would grant it, so we on the contrary, we will present and the whole human society should join, because the "hero" is also a wonderful role model. And those positive role models are decreasing more and more. So share, let others know, let there be real heroes, role models of your country.


The worst people in the country

Our portal is about who is the best in this or that country, depending on which page, in which country you are currently browsing. And logically, when you can vote here for who is the best actor, the most beautiful girl, or the best city, we also offer the opposite of "best" and "worst." The worst people in the country, such as mass or serial killers, dictators, cowards, traitors, but also current politicians or from past governments. We leave it up to the contestants to add.

The worst people in history

Usually the "worst people" will be revealed by history when their actions are thoroughly documented and proven in court. Such as Adolf Hitler or Jack the Ripper. Surprisingly, there are also people still alive who are not punished or convicted, such as Prince Harry's wife, Meghan, whom many people don't seem to need very much. So the worst people in the given country can still be interesting and it depends on the voters and the mood in the society.

The worst people

The best - the opposite, the worst. Many people think that this is a negative and negative survey, which perhaps should not be in an otherwise positive competition. But we think the opposite. Even evil must be shown and given a name and not pretend that it is not here. He's here, so let everyone know who he is, or at least who more people think he is.


The ideal of not only male beauty changes from time to time. What was admired not so long ago by the predecessors, today is sometimes the opposite. For example, before In was muscular, active men, today preference is given to rather slim and intelligent ones. The criteria of male beauty are determined by women. In the same way, women determine the criteria of female beauty. It's just their territory, so we men won't talk to them about it. Below we will present objectively used criteria in the assessment of beauty.

The most beautiful man

A man's beauty cannot be compared to a woman's. While a woman's beauty is 80% about appearance, for a man it is 70% more about personality, which includes a sense of humor, a smile, a look, bravery, but also fame, power, position, abilities or property, and let's not forget I can control speech and language. There are simply men who can "smack" a woman! Women choose men based on how interesting they are, while men focus on looks. They simply want to have a woman as an ornament, like nice cars or a motorcycle, so they can brag about her. With age, he will understand that women also have inner beauty. But let's imagine at least the basic parameters that a handsome man should have.

The most beautiful men in the world

Parameters of beauty in men:
  • Height. In the assessment of male beauty, height is of great importance. Men of smaller stature often suffer from complexes
  • Sporty type. Today's ideal is a man who plays sports and is slim rather than strong.

  • Dark haired. For men, dark hair color and longer and long hair are preferred because girls usually prefer men with hair.

  • Charming. Physical beauty in both men and women is closely related to grace. Charm includes many things: chemistry, posture, gracefulness of movements, expression and its manner, positive thinking and tuning, self-confidence, mental maturity, education and also the way of non-verbal communication - eye language, voice color and tone of speech, facial expressions, gestures, attitudes and more... And charm lasts considerably longer than mere physical beauty, and at the same time it can be demonstrably increased or even acquired.

  • Intelligence. Of course, a higher IQ to the beauty of a man.

  • Debauchery. Unfortunately, women have always liked gangsters, rebels, negative guys. Positive heroes are just awkward and boring.

  • Trends. Beards are flying at the moment.



Top most beautiful girls

We have a most beautiful woman category here on the website, but since we sometimes had "grandmothers" added there, because the woman is beautiful and older, I decided to make the category you are currently in, the category "the most beautiful girl." Yes, of course we mean the most beautiful in the country, not the world. You can then look at the most beautiful women in the world according to statistics on the website www.votesforyou.eu. We didn't give any rules to the categories, we leave it up to everyone who adds a woman or girl, but we assume that "the most beautiful girl is a woman under 30, and the most beautiful woman from 30... It's open there. So on our website there are 2 categories in terms of beautiful women, namely the most beautiful woman and the most beautiful girl. So when you add, please don't mix it up. I understand that a woman around 30 probably won't know where to rank, we leave it entirely up to her and her judgment.

The most beautiful girls, women

The real difference between a woman and a girl is not so much age, as everyone thinks, or the onset of menstruation, but rather the girl's realization that she is a woman. Some will never understand, others soon. See what are the main differences between a woman and a girl.

The most beautiful Girl or Woman?

Girls tend to expose themselves and think how sexy it is. A woman has already understood and can be sexy without revealing herself. A smart woman understood that imagination is sexier than plain nudity or cheap exposure.

  1. Women know that they don't have to bare everything to be sexy and attractive. They feel so comfortable in their own skin that they don't even have to worry about what they're wearing. They just know they're hot because they feel that way.
  2. While girls think and hope that a man simply knows how he feels, women already know that a man does not know anything and simply expresses everything necessary in words.
  3. Girls expect the man to pay for everything, the restaurant bill, transportation, etc. The woman is financially independent and can sometimes even pay for the man.
  4. Girls want to be pampered like daddy's little girls. A woman is happy when a man treats her with respect and kindness.
  5. Girls can get drunk at the bar. Women know their limits and know when to slow down.
  6. Women are so busy with real life that the last thing is bothering them
  7. Girls use social networks, commercial TV, etc., women read books.
  8. Girls are boring and can't hold a conversation. That's why they grind nonsense. Women know how to keep a conversation interesting and fun.
  9. Girls are boring and naive. Women are fascinating and magical.

These are the main differences, Now woman, girl, do you know where you belong?



Best Twitter Account

Twitter, almost everyone knows this social network, but do you know what the best, most popular, most visited Twitter account is? The ranking for the world Twitter can be done quite easily, just pick the brands (among a bunch of celebrities) on twitaholic.com and hide them in Excel. It's a bit more challenging because celebrities are prevalent. Anyway, below you can see the updated ranking of brands more than two years apart.

The best Twitter in the world

What is interesting about the brand ranking? For example, the fact that you will find a large number of media (newspapers) in it and their positions are still strengthening. Of course, it's Twitter, so you'll find a lot of computer and internet stuff here. But also the fact that Spanish is a strong element, as well as here you can see what we already know from other networks - athletes, sports and sports clubs.

Best Twitter

What is it like in your country? Vote, comment or add your account. Everyone in the world can vote. Let the whole world know about you.



Best Facebook Pages

Facebook, almost everyone knows this social network, but do you know what the best, most popular, most visited Facebook account is? Facebook has been with us for quite a few years now. It is the most popular social network used by billions of users. Surely you all follow some pages on Facebook with content that is close to you (for example, our magazine). But which pages are the most popular on Facebook?

The best Facebook pages in the world

Most popular Pages on Facebook? Do you like leaderboards? It would be weird if you didn't. Top Facebook Pages rankings are a good topic, but while you may not need rankings, this one is very practical. As well as any global Page Ranking. You can see how those who have hundreds of thousands to tens of millions of fans do it. Not that it necessarily means they're doing anything really well - one of the cardinal rules of "success" in these cases is that the more fun and silly pictures and videos you can steal and post, the more fans you'll have. And that just counts. Or maybe not, but that's a different world and a different fairy tale.

Best Facebook

What is it like in your country? Vote, comment, or add yours.  Everyone in the world can vote. Let the whole world know about you.



Best Instagram account

Instagram, almost everyone knows this social network, but do you know what the best, most popular, most visited Instagram account is? Finding out the most popular accounts on Instagram is relatively easy, unless you want to do it for a specific country. For example, there is Socialblade and their Top 100 Instagram Users by Followers ranking (where you can also look by number of followers and by number of photos uploaded). This "relatively" means that, unfortunately, you simply have to rely on the fact that they really have a complete list, i.e. that they are not missing any accounts.

The best Instagram account in the world

Actually, there is nothing so surprising about the top twenty. There are all the usual celebrities who top the charts for both Twitter and Facebook. If you were looking for other companies, just behind the top twenty is victoriasseecret ) and in the top thirty there are also such interesting things as 9gag and both football clubs, which are also strong on Facebook and Twitter, i.e. fcbarcelona and realmadrid.

Best Instagram

What is it like in your country? Vote, comment or add your account. Everyone in the world can vote. Let the whole world know about you.



The most important personalities

Every country has prominent personalities among them who have contributed to many beneficial, important, big steps forward, or something else. Prominent personalities are usually characterized by the fact that people know them, talk about them, or, on the contrary, do not know about them, but know their work. In any case, these people do their best to make them known, to spread and to spread their reputation, which is why we have the category: Prominent personalities of the given country.

Notable personalities - Characteristics

As psychological characteristics of the personality, we refer to those psychological phenomena that are permanently present, permanent features of the psyche. Psychological characteristics largely influence the frequency and form of experienced psychological states (e.g. anxiety as a psychological characteristic can predict more frequent occurrence of anxiety states).  We can detect the property only by external behavior (a more or less justified generalization of the observed manifestations of personality).

Top notable personalityi

A significant person is a person who has done something significant. But what significant thing must a person do to become a significant personality? Is there a scale or yardstick by which we know what is not yet and what is already significant? And what is the difference between a famous person and a famous person? A well-known person is "just" known, a significant person is significant. From this it can be concluded that a well-known personality is a personality that many people know. A notable person is a well-known person who has done something significant. Thus, a significant act is understood as an act of a famous personality, while a famous act is understood as an act of a significant personality. On the other hand, an important personality can also perform unknown actions, or even completely insignificant actions. It follows that even an insignificant personality can perform significant actions.



The best actresses

How do you know that a person has acting in their blood?  It's not enough just to have acting in your blood, the most important thing is to have stamina. Everyone can play, show off - after all, any direct personal communication is actually, in addition to speech itself, also mime (facial movement), musical (changing the pitch of the voice), dancing (gesturing with hands, moving the head, body, legs). It's a certain effort to make yourself visible, to stand out - exhibitionism, plus the ability to improvise, memory, correct articulation can be trained, and most importantly, such a person needs viewers, listeners.

The best actresses in the world

The latest results - the ranking on the FDB.cz website showed the following values:

1.    Angelina Jolie    
2.    Sandra Bullock
3.    Meryl Streep
4.    Julia Roberts
5.    Keira Knightley
6.    Milla Jovovich
7.    Natalie Portman    
8.    Nicole Kidman
9.    Jennifer Aniston
10.    Uma Thurman

Most successful actress

I will be an actress! Many parents probably don't like to hear this sentence from their children. In the minds of many people, artistic professions are still perceived as those that do not support a person and should therefore remain in the field of entertainment. It is true, however, that in art more than anywhere else the winged saying applies: Many are called, few are chosen.  Very important, in addition to assessing the talent of the child, is also his mental maturity. If we talk about secondary art schools in the sense of conservatories, it should be remembered that such schools make literally extreme demands on their students. In the matriculation studies, they must master not only compulsory general subjects (Czech language, foreign language...) but also theoretical subjects (e.g. theater history, or in the case of instrumental fields, the science of instruments or auditory analysis) and above all artistic subjects (acting education, playing an instrument) , ballet...). And hand on heart, few applicants can imagine this in their dream of a career as an actress. When you start the conservatory, hanging out with your friends ends and so does your childhood. Studying art is hard work. Is your child ready for this?

Top actresses

Vote for the best actresses too, see the list above. They will certainly be pleased with every vote.



The worst political party in the country

Most aware people who are not indifferent to the political situation in the country should be at least partially familiar with political parties. There are also those individuals who stick with one as a loyal voter for their whole life, or, on the contrary, those who change them like socks.

Which political party to vote for?

When I remember my sister, whom I asked why she voted for that political party, she answered that because she liked their president, that he was said to be "sexy." She did not know more about him, nor about the political party side, let alone focus, program and more. Oh yeah. Should such a person vote or rather not vote? In any case, we didn't blame her, everyone has the right to an opinion, to their truth, to choose this or that, and it's a shame to argue, swear, fight, or end relationships because of it. I have already given up on explanations. Today, misinformation is everywhere that even I am sometimes not sure if what I really believe is correct or not.

Political party

What is that political party anyway? Everyone knows it, but not everyone can explain it simply. According to the encyclopedia, a political party is a political organization that nominates candidates for public office under its own name, and then promotes a certain ideology, or is created for the purpose of solving a problem. It is not so simple even for an encyclopedia. The term political parties is very broad, and therefore its exact definition is difficult. Anyway, people with the same political shit are closer to each other. For example, the "right" is more managers and entrepreneurs, while the left is more employees and humanists.



The best politician in the country? What exactly is a politician, what exactly does it mean, where does the word come from? Politician is from the Greek politikos (πολιτικός – civil, state, public), polites (πολίτης – citizen, countryman), and polis (πόλις – city, village, state). So much encyclopedia. Generally speaking, a politician is a person actively engaged in all public affairs, influencing them, making decisions, voting. The functions of politicians in history differ according to the regime that rules the country, communism, dictatorship, but in contemporary democracies, politicians are elected in a democratic way, with the help of an electoral system.

The best politician

You know those shots of politicians at meetings. Most of them are asleep, bored, annoyed and would rather be somewhere else. But then there are politicians who can't be overlooked, who can't be overlooked when they speak, they have a head and a heel, they listen well, and their upward path rises along with the popularity of humanity. Politicians who really do their job, fight for the party, the people, a better tomorrow. And they deserve to be here and you give them a voice. If someone does a good job, why not mention them here and vote for them. If your politician is missing here, please add him, he will surely be pleased to be in the category where the best politicians in the country are voted for.

The best politicians

The best politicians will not only have many votes here, they will be at the head of the voting, but the best are usually written down in the history of the country and even after many centuries people talk about them and nod, yes, he did this or that for the country and he was amazing. Yes, if you want to do something for the country, something big, you probably have to go into politics.

The best politicians in the world?

For example, who are and were the best politicians in the world? American President Barack was successful, but German Chancellor Angela Merkel earned a very positive evaluation. On the contrary, Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev are the worst in the long term. But many people may have a completely opposite opinion about it, so vote for those who you really think are the best politicians.


Best streamer

Twitch.tv, almost everyone knows this social network, but do you know what the best, most popular, most visited streamer account is? Streamers today are undoubtedly influencers and celebrities, but also marketers. And even here, every number counts. So it's no wonder that they adapt their content to the audience and which game attracts the most. More than half of the world's top 20 streamers currently play Fortnite. And the numbers are dizzying.

The best streamer in the world

Streaming continues to grow at an accelerated pace. However, despite competition from YouTube and Facebook Gaming, Twitch remains number one for live streaming content. At the very top of the rankings are streamers with millions of subscribers who regularly attract tens of thousands of viewers as soon as they hit the live button. Some of these streamers have been broadcasting for over a decade, while others are just newbies. For your interest: According to unofficial statements, the world's most famous streamer Tyler "Ninja" Blevins is moving to the YouTube platform. The influencer, who signed a $30 million deal last year to switch from Twitch.tv to Microsoft's Mixer, is doing so after the latter platform ceased all operations.

Best Streamer

What is it like in your country? Vote, comment or add your account. Everyone in the world can vote. Let the whole world know about you



The best TikTok teacher

TikTok, almost everyone knows this social network, but do you know what the best, most popular, most visited TikTok account is? TikTok is a Chinese social network (operated by ByteDacen) that bought Musically a few years ago and became the fastest growing social network in the world in 2019. At the end of the year, it reached one billion users and seriously threatens both Facebook and Instagram. The whole thing is complicated by the fact that TikTok is owned by the Chinese company ByteDance, so in addition to concerns about espionage and snooping, the main thing is that the content is treated according to China's own rules.

Best TikTok in the world

Putting together the TikTok charts is a bit of an honest handiwork. It has no official rankings, nor does it publish user counts by country, let alone allow accounts to be filtered by country. It only lists rounded numbers of fans on the site. It's common for accounts to change nicknames over time, quite often names too. The TOP 100 in the following table is definitely not accurate/complete even on the day of the update. Some accounts may be missing, so if you come across an account that should be in the TOP 100, let me know. The further up the ladder, the greater the probability of error.

Best of TikTok

What is it like in your country? Vote, comment or add your account. Everyone in the world can vote. Let the whole world know about you.



Best Youtube Account

Yotube, almost everyone knows this social network, but do you know what the best, most popular, most visited YouTube account is? Determining the popularity of YouTube channels is a bit of a challenge, as it is not very clear what the right metric is. Video views? Subscriber numbers? Time spent watching there videos? How much money did the channel make for the authors? Or something else? But as we already know from What are the most popular Czech channels on YouTube? there isn't much to choose from anyway. So we will have to be satisfied with the number of views and possibly subscribers again.

Best Youtube in the world

For a global ranking, we can use, for example, SocialBlade - TOP 100 YouTuber Channels by most subscribers.

Best Youtube

What is it like in your country? Vote, comment or add yours. Everyone in the world can vote. Let the whole world know about you.


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